Technical training ULagos establishes alliance with prestigious Canadian institution

For a year, this work will be extended, which seeks to link technical careers and PSL (Professionals Without a Bachelor’s Degree) with the socio-productive environment.

It is a significative ceremony between Universidad de Los Lagos and Fanshawe College, a prestigious Canadian educational institution, this Monday 21st of December will start the execution of a work agreement, whose main objective is to implement in all technical and professional careers without degrees (PSL) of the ULagos, a model that articulates these careers with the socio-productive world and work environment.

The director of the Technical Training area of the University, Danilo Curumilla Núñez, explained that it is an agreement that both institutions have already signed called “Design and installation of an integration model between the Technical Training area of the University and the Socio-Productive environment“, which will begin to be executed during this month and will extend throughout the year 2021.

As an academic entity responsible of dictate technical and professional careers without degrees through our strategic project, which is in tune with institutional strategic planning, we aspire to the improvement of a training process linked to the industry, integrated with the environment and with the significant work environment, that the careers in their development can do it in coexistence with the environment. The model must establish a metgodology, but also all devices and mechanisms that ensure effective integration into the student’s training path,” explained the director of Technical Training, Danilo Curumilla.

The initiative starts to materialize with a technical advice in charge of Fanshawe College, an institution of big experience in the sistem of technical and technological education in Canada, with high quality standards, which at the end of their intervention in the different campuses and venues where technical and professional careers are taught without a bachelor’s degree (PSL) at the ULagos, will have implemented a model and trained all the components of academic management of these careers.