About ULagos
University Leadership and Management

Board of Trustees

The responsibility of the governace and oversight of the operations of the University resides in the University Board of trustees. This body supervises all matters concerning the institution and is responsible for the performance of its duties. It is composed by three members appointed by the President of Chile, five Faculty Members, and the President of the University, one student representative and one non-academic staff representative.

University Council

This body meets regularly during the academic year to discuss academic affairs, define the University´s  policies and regulations and approves all matters regarding academic and financial decisions. This board is headed by the President of the University and includes the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President of Administration and Finances, the  disciplinary department directors, a representative of non-academic staff, and a representative from the student board. 


The President is the highest uni-personal authority. ULAGOS President is appointed by the President of Chile, from a list of three candidates proposed by the Board of Trustees. To elaborate this list, the Board of Trustees calls an  internal election in which the faculty members belonging to the three highest hierarchies of the University vote.

Among other responsibilities, the President is the legal institutional representative, and must adopt all the measures conducive to directing and managing the University. One of his faculties is to appoint and request the resignation of superior uni-personal authorities, directorsdepartment and other university’s officials.

Academic Vice-president

The Academic Vice-presidency is in charge of academic management of the University, consolidating its programs and strengthening substantive functions of Undergraduate Teaching and Technological Training, in order to guarantee training of integral professionals, highly qualified in the different knowledge fields to favor productive development within society to suit mainly local and regional requirements.

Administrative and Finance Vice-president

The Administrative and Finance Vice-presidency is in charge of economic and administrative management of the University, establishing strategic guidelines, proposing policies in economic, financial and administrative issues, directing management in specific areas, in coherence with the challenges of University Government, its strategic plan and institutional needs.

Research and Postgraduate Vice-president

This vice-presidency is in charge of elaborating, implementing and evaluating university policies about research and postgraduate, through which the institution boosts, in a substantive and decisional way, the scientific activity on its basic and applied dimensions. The Vice-presidency of Research and Postgraduate acts integrally and coordinated, articulating the fields of research, postgraduate and international relations. It is an organism directly dependent on the Presidency and counts with an organizational structure which aims to give integral answers to inherent activities of research and postgraduate studies.

Planning and Development Vice-president

It is in charge of defining institutional strategic guidelines of planning and management in the University, implementing a process destined to generate a culture of quality, deploying plans in every central office and academic units of the University Government and evaluating its accomplishment according to priorities and objectives established on the Institutional Development Strategic Plan.

General Secretary´s Office
Its plans, proposes, directs and evaluates academic and administrative matters, boosting policies, plans and programs that are considered necessary to achieve goals entrusted to Universidad de Los Lagos.

International Affairs Office
Its guides its action at institutional, national and international level in order to achieve international quality standards; it strengthens training dimension of undergraduate and postgraduate; research function and knowledge transferring; innovation and entrepreneurship; University outreach and accreditation processes.