About ULagos
Strategic Plan

The construction of a new Institutional Development Plan for 2030 was the result of a dialogue process and participative discussion in order to hear the opinion of the university community, represented by students and academic and non-academic staff. In the same way, in the planning process was considered the opinion of prominent external actors of productive, social and cultural scopes of the Region and the country.

The task was structured in “talleres” and participative sessions, seminars with experts, key actors interviews, external advisors council meetings, Governance Boards meetings and thematic work groups that gathered over 400 participants. It was also enabled a web site and forum discussions, ideas mailbox and email.

  • First step of preparation meant to define the responsibilities of the process, methodology selection and instruments to use, and hiring an international external consultancy on strategic planning.
  • Second step consisted on checking the institutional strategic identity.
  • Third step of strategic diagnose considered checking outer and inner environment.
  • During the fourth step of formulation, strategic definitions were expressed in axes, objectives, strategies, indicators and goals.
  • Fifth step considered the extensive discussion of Directors and Trustees Boards Planning, principal governance boards of the University.