Research Priority Areas

1.- Perturbations and risks in coastal socio-ecological systems
To develop scientific and technological research that allows to effectively evaluate and quantify impacts of the future perturbations and potential risks in coastal socio-ecological systems of southern Chile.

2.- Sustainable Aquaculture Production
Universidad de Los Lagos takes on the challenge of contributing the creation of a new Aquaculture 2.0 that makes responsible of the complex socio-ecological ecosystem where it develops.

3.- Sustainable Agrifood System, Climate Change y Biodiversity
Addresses the challenges of climate change, la sustainability, mitigation and eco-friendly production; as well as the associativity between the producers, impulse of cooperativism andrevaluation of peasant family farming.

4.- Life Quality and Human Wellness
It has as a mission to contribute population wellness, especially of Los Lagos region, through research generation related to epidemiological problems of nowadays lifestyles and their articulation with the integral look of health-disease process. In that way, preventive and therapeutic effects that healthy life patterns, such as physical exercise, nutrition and others, have on health are considered.

5.- Global Change, SociopoliticalConstruction of Territories and Local Innovation Systems
On formalization stage, deepens the study of global change complexity and adaptation capacity of local communities, who achieve facing impacts in their different expressions and scales, encouraging sustainable lifestyles transitions.