The program FITOGEN was established in 2008 by Universidad de Los Lagos and is dedicated to the characterization, conservation, management and sustainable use of plant and animal genetic resources with special emphasis in the Chile‘s macro south region.

The program is interdisciplinary; (1) Genetics and Biotechnology (2) Functional Food and Bioprocesses (3) Chemistry of Natural Resources; and (4) Soil-Plant-Water-Environment Interactions.
Both basic and applied research is developed in FITOGEN.

“Knowing, valuing and conserving nature” reflects the essence of the Biological & Environmental Research Program (IBAM Program). Its mission is based on the interaction between the Human Being, the Environment and Sustainable Development, as well as the promotion of regional, national and international scientific collaboration from an inter and multidisciplinary approach.

IBAM Program’s research includes: i) Biodiversity, ii) Systematics, iii) Conservation and iv) Sustainability. In this sense, it aims to become a reference in basic and applied research that promotes the solution to problems in nature from a local and global perspective.

The Gender Studies Program is an academic program dedicated to the mainstreaming of the gender approach in institutional academic management and curricular design. The Program develops research projects, promotes reflection and debate on women affairs in different sociocultural levels, and performs training on gender issues with the academic community, social organizations and public institutions.