About ULagos
Mission, Vision and Core Values

The Universidad de Los Lagos is a public and regional institution of the State of Chile, whose mission is to integrally train professionals, technicians and postgraduates; and to generate and transfer knowledge, focused on  research.  From Los Lagos Region,  the University contributes to sustainable development, inclusion and equity; it promotes public  outreach and community engagement with recognition and understanding of native people’s worldview, and encourages the creation, development and the spread of sciences, humanities and arts.

By 2030 Universidad de Los Lagos will be acknowledged for its  contribution of its professionals, technicians and postgraduates to both region and the country, valued for its research achievements, nationally recognized for its access policies and  gender equity promotion, globally connected and distinguished for its significant contribution to sustainable development of the territory.

Institutional Values

  • Excellence Seeking
    The University strives on pursuing quality and excellence on its labor, aiming to reach the highest standards for full development of our community.
  • Pluralism
    The University respects and values plurality of doctrines and positions, encouraging their free expression and mutual respect within the Institution and society.
  • Inclusion and Diversity
    The University promotes diversity among our students, academic and non-academic staff. We create a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere in which diverse identities are flourished and expressed and where people can fulfill their ideals, regardless of their origins or gender.
  • Participation and Democracy
    The University believes on effective participation of its community regarding university management, and in democracy considered as a universal value and as the highest expression of political coexistence where societies can reach their ideals.
  • Environment Awareness
    The University commits with environmental sustainability and actively outreaches through its community to generate higher environment awareness an to search for solution for today´s problems.