Welcome to the south of Chile – Patagonia

A sudden cloudburst and a heavy shower pass as quickly as they began, and the sky is soon an intense, deep blue once more. Breathe in the earthy, humid scents of the forest and meet some of the warmest, friendliest people on earth. Welcome to the south of Chile! Discover its singular beauty and the unique living heritage of its original peoples.

Without a doubt, the Mapuche culture is a fundamental element in the central Chilean heartland. Experience some of the indigenous traditions when you sleep in a ruca and feast on typical regional dishes.
Ski through ancient native forests, and take the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries at one of the many natural spas to be found in these breathtaking landscapes.

Practice your favorite water sports in southern Chile’s countless lakes and rivers. Enjoy a day’s fishing or simply explore and observe the extraordinary flora and fauna of our nature reserves and national parks. If you’re an adventurer at heart, head for Pucón on the shores of Lake Villarrica for adrenaline-filled white-water rafting, hydrospeed or canyoning!
Source:, SERNATUR (2019)

Chile has many different adventures to offer tourists: stargazing in the driest desert in the world, millennial glaciers in the southernmost part of the planet, enchanted forests, and lakes located at the foot of massive volcanoes. It has islands full of legends, winemaking traditions, great challenges to be overcome, and the modern and accessible city of Santiago.

But, there is something about Chile that has not yet been said. Chile has wide-open natural landscapes, but you can also find this openness in the Chilean people. The feeling of being alive floods over you in these wide-open spaces in Chile. Here you can get in touch with nature or set out to explore pristine areas. The people of Chile will also pleasantly surprise you with their kindness and hospitality. This will be a completely new experience in a place where you will feel at peace.
Source:, SERNATUR (2019)

Warm and welcoming people await you in Osorno. Visit this ideal spot for a break and to relax and see some of the stunning landscapes of the south of Chile.

Walk around downtown and see the typical wooden houses, a can´t miss activity that will make you fall in love with heritage sites. Then head to the Osorno arts and crafts center, the imposing cathedral and the Reina Luisa Fort.

The Puyehue National Park and its sophisticated hot springs invite you to unwind. From here you can explore its coihue forests, be amazed with the over one hundred bird species that live here and trek on the sides on the Puyehue Volcano. Its amazing rapids and glacial lagoons will charm you. Link

Feel the wonderful sea breeze and look out at the enormity of the Pacific while sitting in front of the ocean in Puerto Montt. Discover its port identity, the salmon culture and its rich cuisine.

Enjoy wonderful seafood at the Angelmó cove, star of the city that welcomes you with a table full of fish and seafood from the area. Visit its many restaurants, some with a view of Tenglo Island and Calbuco Volcano, where everything is prepared on the spot: the paila marina (seafood stew), the “cancato” (stew made of fish, chorizo, cheese and tomato) and the unbeatable sea urchins. To buy local produce and utensils, walk through the Angelmó crafts fair.

Are you a fan of architecture and structural design? Then walk along the streets of Puerto Montt and be amazed by the cathedral built from larch wood, the Jesuit Church, the Diego Rivera Art House and the Juan Pablo II Museum.

International cruise ships and ferries on their way to Chiloé sail through the fjords of Aysén and Magallanes, beginning your adventure on the Carretera Austral. And if you love the sea and want to relax on the soft sands of the south of Chile, in the summer you can rest on the beaches of Pelluco, Pelluhuin, Puntilla Tenglo and Chinquihue. Link

A land of myths and legends, unique folklore and culinary traditions. Visiting Chiloé is like entering a magical world blessed in nature and culture. From the moment you first set foot on this extraordinary island, its singular identity will take you by surprise.

Discover its quaint palafitos – colorful houses built on stilts above the water – and enjoy the wit and warmth of the Chilote people whose traditions give this unique archipelago its inimitable character.

Explore this mythical island with its colorful wooden churches, 16 of which have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Try the traditional curanto, a dish of mixed seafood and other typical ingredients cooked over hot stones in the ground, and discover the hundreds of colorful potato varieties for which Chiloé is famous.
Nature lovers will delight in the island’s striking landscapes. Take one of the many trekking routes or hop in a kayak to explore awe-inspiring sea channels. The Chiloé and Tantauco National Parks will captivate you with their intense evergreen vegetation.

And when the time comes to leave this amazing place, don’t be too sad; eternal Chiloé will always be there, welcoming you back to discover yet more of its secrets. Link