Technical Programs
A Sports Technician has been trained to organize and develop preventive physical activity programs, sports and recreational programs. They can also design and implement projects related to a sports area or physical activity taking into consideration the needs and diversity of every group in society. Professionals are recognized for their good management and leadership for achieving goals. 
A Business Technician hasbeen trained to apply administrative processes related to human resources and sale and purchase techniques. Professionals can work in companies, institutions and organizations of production sectors, at regional and national levels. They act responsibly and respect ethic principles and values.  
A Construction Technician has beentrained to supervise and manage construction projects applying the theoretical-practical knowledge from the different areas in a construction work. Professionals also employ software, equipment and tools to finish projects effectively. They can engage in projects for regional and national development in road and civil works, building, urbanization and installation works. They comply with present legislation in terms of quality, security, respect for environment and cultural setting in accordance with professional ethical principles. 
A Pre-school Technician is a competent professional with ethical, theoretical and practical knowledge who commit themselves to different socio-educational and multicultural contexts. Professionals have been trained to collaborate with pre-school and primary teachers in planning, evaluating, implementing and integrating the teaching-learning processes. They can apply different methodologies that respond to children’s interests and needs to achieve quality learning. 
An Electricity and Automation Technician has been trained to install, plan preventive and corrective maintenanceand solve equipment, electric and automation systems failures. Professionals can also manage human resources and materials to guarantee the operation and reliability of the systems. They can engage in services for regional and national development, complying with present legislation in terms of quality, security, respect for environment and cultural setting in accordance with professional ethical principles. 
A Food Technology Technician has been trained to develop, process, analyze, control, administer, manage and organize every aspect of the food production process complying with national and international legislation that guarantee a quality food product. This includes every aspect related to supply, storage and transport conditions of raw materials, inputs and finished product related to this activity. 
An Information Technology Technician has been trained to install, configure and keep network computingdevices as well as provide solutions to automated information. Professionals can perform corrective and preventive maintenance to the software and hardware of several computing devices. They can work in multidisciplinary teams generating innovative processes when using technology in companies. 
A Marine Electro Mechanical Technician has been trained to support shipboard navigation aspects as an engine manufacturer or in land aspects (operational, administrative, among others). Professionals perform mainly on board supervising the machine area and equipment.  
A Coastal Sea Shipping Technician has a solid background in the areas of coastal shippingand management of marine port operations. Professionals provide effective and relevant solutions to the issues the profession faces nowadays. They have been trained to plan, direct, implement and control the administrative operations of marine terminals. They can also work as a pilot, upon certification by the maritime authority, on ships of 2000 gross tonnage applying regulations and maritime legislation. They can work in teams, caring for the environment in accordance with sustainable regional development. 
A General Accounting Technician has been trained on accounting principles and procedures to apply knowledge to the implementation of legal regulations that affect people and companies in their commercial, pension-fund and tax related activities.