About Research

Universidad de Los Lagos in its historical functioning has been nationally recognized for developing basic and applied scientific research in two large areas, at different development levels and performance. On one hand, there is the natural resources and aquaculture that historically has developed our Institution, reaching an important productivity and recognition level in the south austral zone.

On the other hand, at an emergent level and in a continuous development, there is the regional development area, public politics and education. Among those macro-areas of development, projects has been initiated, as well as programs and research centers, also in some cases, accredited postgraduate disciplinary programs of high quality directly related with these investigation areas.

In this new phase, strategic areas of research development are grouped as follows. On one hand, there is the macro-area of ​​Natural Resources, Aquaculture and Biodiversity, on the other hand, there is the macro-area of ​​research and development of Social Sciences and Humanities, with progress levels in Regional Development, Public Policies and Education.

This functional type classification will allow institutional order that enhance the investigation, maximize efforts and focus resources, as well as promote the intentionality to macro research projects application, basal financing rings or cores for basic scientific research, applied in Universidad de Los Lagos.

Under these macro areas and as first operationalizing link of research at Los Lagos University there are the academic departments and research centers. In transversal and interdisciplinary linking-up atmosphere there are the cores and research programs which essential objectives are to develop the lines of investigation lead by consolidated researchers or in formation and to promote undergraduate and postgraduate articulation and impulse ULagos ’new researchers.