About ULagos
External Advisory Committees

Socio-productive Committee
it is and advisory board for the President, whose primary function is to promote University outreach with the community it belongs to, especially regarding socioeconomic and regional development matters.Its composition and functioning are regulated by a President’s decree.

Arts and Culture External Committee
It is a dialogue instance that attends to artistic and cultural matters to the  respect and conservation of patrimony, art studies in community development and public policies. This committee congregates public and private sectors representatives of Osorno, Llanquihue and Chiloé Provinces.

Chiloé´s Strategic Committee
Its origins are traced backto an Institutional Improvement Project of Chiloé in which Universidad de Los Lagos proposed not only increase the coverage of technical training butto improve the quality of its processes. This Committee gathers main educational actors of the region and Chiloé province to accompany the management of the University on the Project implementation. Representatives of the productive and artistic cultural sectors also take part in this committee.