Ambassador of Canada participated in launch of agreement that will enhance technical training at ULagos

The strategic alliance with Fanshawe College, a Canadian institution, will implement in the technical and professional careers without degrees (PSL) of the ULagos, a model that will articulate the student’s link with the socio-productive world and work environment.

With an impeccable and significant ceremony, the project “Design and installation of an integration model between the Technical Training area of the University and the Socio-Productive environment” was launched, which began this month and will be executed in 2021, between the Universidad de Los Lagos and Fanshawe College, a cutting-edge Canadian education institution in technical and technological training.

The instance that was developed virtually, brought together authorities of the house of studies and national and foreign personalities who committed themselves to the execution of the labor agreement, whose main objective is to implement in all technical and professional careers without degrees (PSL) of the ULagos, a model that articulates in a concrete way the student with the socio-productive world and work environment.

The day was attended by the rector of the ULagos, Óscar Garrido, the ambassador of Canada in Chile, Michael Gort; Fanshawe Global Corporation CEO Bruce Smith; the Director of International Affairs for South America, Fanshawe College, Rosa Aguilar; the manager of ARMASUR, Manuel Bagnara; and the director of Technical Training of the ULagos, Danilo Curumilla.

In this regard, Danilo Curumilla commented that the project “that unites us with one of the most important Canadian institutions in the training of technicians and professionals in its country, has as its main objective to design and install a model that allows to ensure an articulated training process and permanently linked to the socio-productive environment in our technical careers. The project must devise and create devices and mechanisms complementary to the curriculum, which give rise to a teaching-learning process characterized by the participation of the relevant work environment, “he said.

In this sense, added the professional, “employability is the main factor to consider in the offer of technical careers of our university and from that perspective, a practical training process linked to the regional reality, is essential to ensure a quick and adequate labor insertion of our future technicians and professionals, “he said.

The director of Technical Training of the ULagos, predicted that “at the end of this project, each of our technical careers, plus their professional continuity programs, will have a model that ensures a virtuous interrelation with the Socio-Productive System of the territories where our programs are dictated. And during 2021 we will be focused on the development of this technical advice in all our headquarters,” concluded Danilo Curumilla.