ULagos academic receives distinction in China for its enormous contribution to a province of that country

He is the only Chilean and Latin American among the 10 international experts who stand out annually for their work on the scientific and technological development of the Asian country.

A total of 10 foreign experts were honored with the “Colorful Cloud” Award for their significant contribution to the development of Yunnan Province, China, in different areas of knowledge in research and development (R&D). The winners of the “Color Cloud Award” of this year (in order of impact of their contribution), are from: Thailand, Chile, United States (2 winners), Japan (2 winners), Netherlands, Australia (2 winners) and Belgium. The research areas of the winners correspond to modern agriculture, science and technology innovation, biomedicine, education and scientific research. The prize “Color Cloud Award” was established in 1997, and corresponds to the highest decoration awarded by the provincial government to foreign experts who have worked hard and made outstanding contributions to the development of Yunnan Province. 170 experts have won this award to date.

“Acording to local authorities, Yunnan provided an estrategy of introduction of foreign experts for the innovation, which promoted the international exchange and cooperation and contributed to the economic and social development of the province” says the professor Juan Carlos Uribe of the Department of Agriculture and Afri-food resources. He adds that “the project was selected between the 10 best projects of China in the agricultural area in the year 2018 and refers to the development of the cultivation of high-end aquatic species of temperate-cold waters in Yunnan province. In China, approximately 50% of the population (650 million people) depends directly on agricultural activities, so this award is especially relevant,” says the academic.

Until now, the project has benefited directly to many villagers, agricultural production technicians, and has generated training workshops for agricultural workers from nearby villages, particularly belonging to the Yi ethnic group, who form agricultural cooperatives in the places near the main operational center of the project. The successful start-up of salmon farming in Yunnan provided the foundation for the development and utilization of cold-water resources for the production and marketing of high-end fish in the province and throughout the country.

The contribution of the professor Juan Carlos Uribe has also meant the recognition of the Chinese government as “High-Level Foreign Talent” (category A), and the authorities of Yunnan Province have distinguished him with the Yunnan Friendship Medal 2019 in appreciation for his significant contribution to the development of Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China.