ULagos inaugurates a new air quality monitoring station in Osorno


In dependencies of municipal sport complex of Rahue Alto in Osorno, a new air quality monitoring station installed in which Los Lagos University with its researcher’s team Dr. Rodrigo Márquez y Dr. Ricardo Fernández achieved a project through Fonis (National Health Research Fund) financed by Ministry of Health. 

The modern equipment will allow us to reliably measure particulate matter 2,5 pm. The event inaugurated by authorities this Thursday precisely in the sector which has the highest levels of contamination and where 53% of urban population live.

As explained by the mayor, Emeterio Carrillo “¿Why do we think in Rahue Alto? This is because 53% of the urban population lives and allows us to measure in a better way the critical moments that we have had in Osorno which occur during the winter season between April and September of each year. This also allows us to take important steps. We are one of the most polluted cities because we measure, I am sure there are other cities more polluted, but they do not measure, we prefer to be sincere and demonstrate what we are breathing, for this we accepted having two monitoring plant to look for the problems solution that we have”, said the mayor. 

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